Un combate entre los mejores herramientas de fotografía de producto: DSLR o smartphone

There are countless benefits of admirable product photography. This helps in the construction of its clients, frequent visits, the possibilities of a boost to business and the confidence of the client. Also with the changing trends of product photography, e-commerce is experiencing regular conversions. Now, the considerable part to shed light on is that if it is too necessary to have a digital SLR camera for product photography or there is no substitute.

Nowadays since we all have smart phones and excellent cameras are installed in them, it is possible to have a perfect image clarity of product images with a smartphone. Well, the quality of the images that lately released versions of the smart phones produced will keep it burning. The difference between the smartphone and the quality of the images that generate DSLR is greatly reducing.

Waterproof Camera cameras

Waterproof Camera cameras

This article is based on the demarcation between DSLR and smartphones for product photography. There is no denying the fact that DSLR cameras are far superior to any mobile model with amazing camera installed inside. Cameras have many of these characteristics that you can take perfect photographs. There are removable lenses that can be used according to the requirement of your session. DSLR cameras are very versatile. For smaller objects, you can use macro lenses.

In addition, the lenses that are housed with digital SLR cameras have large lenses that help in capturing sharper images. They are more useful in low light photography. Such features are not found in any of the Smartphone.

Now that was all about DSLR advantages. At the same time, there are certain pitfalls, so it goes hand in hand. Digital SLR cameras are huge in size. It’s like a big big article that you have to carry along – with all parties. Smart phones on the other side are quite elegant and practical. They also allow you to share photos instantly. You can not find this type of features in a camera. There is another annoying aspect for capturing images in a camera is that you first have to transfer all the images to the computer and then use them if necessary. Also the images will require editing that may not be possible directly inside the camera, unlike smartphones.

DSLR is a pricey asset and your email purchases will also put you in heavy financial crises. Incorporate with the camera, which later will need several types of lenses and trust me, these lenses are no less. They also consume a large amount of cash every time they buy one. I would not recommend that you spend such a large amount of DSLR lenses and unless you are a professional photographer. If your purpose is only to take pictures of amazing products, you can always update your smartphone and buy one with a better camera, some basic lighting fixtures and a tripod.

I suppose that it is justifiable enough to support a smartphone taking into account the multiple uses and ability to solve problems.

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Now let’s take a look at some of the smart phones that are versatile and diligent enough for amazing product photography, let’s start with the heavy:


iPhone, the product of Apple Inc; It is the first choice of each individual, taking into account their unique characteristics and brand value. Lately we have seen a great start of the iPhone and 6 6 Plus. It is formed with a fantastic megapixel camera 8. You should be thinking that in the current technological arena where brands are launching up to 41mp cameras, why am I targeting the 8-mp camera so fantastic. Well, you will get the answer very soon. iPhone seems to lack function here, but there are other impressive features built into the phone that will not feel uncomfortable.

iPhone 6 – Product Photography

Recently released versions of iPhone have faster and fantastic autofocus. You can enjoy the exposure control function that allows you to take perfect images in all kinds of light availability. Next, they have achieved optical image stabilization that allows the lens to move whenever you move the phone or shake it. Even in low light, you can take more crisp pictures. Currently, IOS 8 can be used on all iPhone versions where many new photo applications can be located. These applications allow you to edit photos instantly. You can adjust the images according to the sympathy and filter them if necessary.