How to influence your sales with the shadow of the product?

E-commerce is about making your product look incredibly attractive and giving a boost to sales. Image of a client that is based on an image at least deserves to have a nice view of the product. Shadow reflection is a sure-shot trick that can add a twist to the appeal of the entire product. However, it is a simple technique that is available gives a totally new look at the behavior of the product. To create an impression with simple techniques, nothing can fall from submerging shadow reflection.

What exactly does a shadow do? Well, it only makes the product look more realistic and visible. Adding more to it, it can be said that it appears that the product is placed on a glass surface or reflective surface. All these practices are carried out to better shape the product and make it more attractive to buyers.Items like jewelry are highly recommended to be Photoshop with reflection effect.

Now the question is how to use the reflection function of the shadow? Well, to know the process, you are requested to peek-a-boo below:

The process must be started with a layer of your product. Another layer with a white background is going to be placed behind the product layer. The white layer behind the product will be selected so you can hide it.Next, the edges of the layer are to be refined for softer appearance.
You can then create a copy of the product layer and place it in a vertical position. The result will be in the creation of a reflected image of the product. This layer has to be positioned very carefully just below the product so that it can reflect like a perfect shadow.
Faded gradient mask can be used to further enhance the attractiveness of the product.This effect will make the reflection look discoloration towards the ground. Then you just need to add some blur effect so that a clear difference between the reflection layer and product layer.
To make your product look even realistic, it is suggested to add right shade where the product is placed. It can be improved by using the selection curve shown.
Therefore, this is where you will end up in creating the best product image.

What are the pros of reflection effect?

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Well, if you have done the process very well and correctly, the end result will be the creation of a hypnotic effect of your product.This will result in an increase in sales and will also increase the value of the product. There are several other types of shadow that can be used. However, the basic function is also considered as the best for images of the right products. Products such as furniture, accessories, jewelry, etc. are greatly improved by the use of this little trick. Always remember, the image of the product is the only one that will bring sales to your website. That is why these images should not be taken for granted and all possible measures should be taken into account to make the images look 

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